Monday, November 18, 2019

HR1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

HR1 - Essay Example The recruitment policies, training and development, reward management, performance management and employee involvement in Nando’s are centered upon in order to recommend appropriate HRM strategies (Carpenter, Sanders and Gregersen, 2001). Moreover, the host country’s economic drivers, the organizational issues, cultural issues also effect effective strategy implementation. Various models have been implemented for evaluation of international business environment in China. By examining all these factors, the HRM strategy is linked with the overall business strategy of Nando’s. After a detailed analysis appropriate recommendations are provided to Nando’s that will support the strategic human resource plan of the company for establishing joint venture with Tricon Global Restaurant, Inc. in China. The renowned chicken chain Nando’s has expanded their business further across the country in the past few years with increasing revenues. Nando’s international is a fast food chain first created in South Africa, had a rapid development worldwide but was not successful everywhere (Datta, Guthrie and Wright, 2005). In a continuous complex trading environment, the company has been performing satisfactorily. Despite of its long success history the company is facing expansion problems and are striving to overcome them. The organization has decided to expand its business through joint venture and which will require more staff to be hired. In their recruitment process, Nando’s face challenges that their new staff may not have any experience of working as a family and may lack commitment to their tasks. Proper training and human resourse management is crucial to effective manage their culturally diverse employees. South Africa which is the parent location of Nandos is f acing an economic downturn (Wright, Dunford and Snell, 2001). The recent phase of capitalism that can be referred to as globalization has a complex impact on

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